Bandana on the head: how to tie and wear

Bandana is a popular accessory among girls and boys. In any corner of the world, one can meet a fashionista or a fashionista with this attribute. The most interesting thing is that it belongs to a number of universal accessories. Moreover, there are many options for wearing: a bandana on the head, arm, neck or even the hip – the flight of fantasy is appropriate and unlimited here!

In the summer, she will decorate and lay the naughty curls of any girl and protect her from sunstroke. Also, make the image bright and memorable! Most recently, this headgear was seen at shows by designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, Phillip Lim, Diane von Furstenberg, and Prabal Gurung. Perhaps, and you take something to note and add a bandana to your stylish look.

Bandana on the head: how to tie and wear

Who is suitable bandana?

Initially, these scarves were used by workers to avoid sunstroke. Then, American cowboys tied bandanas around their necks or lower faces to protect themselves from wind and dust. Today, the bandana fell in love with everyone. It is actively used by young people to create a highlight in their image. In addition, it can be suitable for older people. For example, women can tie it on the neck, so they will look more romantic and mysterious.

Among men, it is preferred by bikers, punks or rockers. They choose knitted or leather bandanas. These shawls are stylish and fashionable accessories that suit everyone! The main thing is to tie a bandana so that it does not crawl and does not cause discomfort. Especially beautiful they look at the ladies with a triangular and oval face, although valid options with other types.

Bandana on the head: how to tie and wear

How to tie a bandana on his head: various options

In the fashion industry, bandanas became famous and loved by many. Of course, every time designers want to surprise the public, so they come up with more and more new ways of tying. Everyone who wishes will find his own ideal way, as there is plenty to choose from. In addition, a bandanna can be tied not only on the head but also on the neck, wrist, jeans, bag, etc. Thanks to such a wide range of wearing options, it is an essential attribute of stylish youth. If you decide to complement your image with this bright accessory, then pay attention to the following ways of tying bandanas:

  • The classic version;
  • In retro style;
  • Pirate;
  • Fashion turban;
  • In the form of a pipe;
  • Bandage;
  • On the hips, neck, and wrist.

Bandana on the head: how to tie and wear

Classic way

This is the easiest of all. For the traditional way of tying bandanas, fold a square scarf in half. Place the bandana on the top of the head, and bring all sharp ends back. After tying a knot at the back of the head, loose tips can be hidden under it. The bandana can be lowered in the middle of the forehead. This option is suitable for those who have a very wide forehead line. For girls with a round or square face type, this way of wearing bandanas is contraindicated. Looks great with styling “beach curls” or two pigtails. The classic way is ideal for going to the beach, because your head will be 100% protected from the hot sun rays, but you will also stay stylish.

Bandana on the head: how to tie and wear

Retro style

In the 50s, girls loved to tie scarves on their heads, making their image more romantic and playful. Lovers of unusual styles should try this option for themselves. Take the classic square bandana, fold diagonally. Attach to the nape, closer to the neck, a scarf with a curved edge down. After the two side ends to tie a double knot on the crown. Tying the second one, insert the third (upper) edge of the bandana into the hole of the unstressed knot, and hide it under the scarf.

The result should work out as a cap. For reliability, pin the invisible hairpins on the sides. Voila, and you, like a girl with a pin-up poster: the same playful and attractive! Take note: this option is best worn with tied up hair, making the volume at the crown. The image is amazing complement red lipstick.

Bandana on the head: how to tie and wear

Pirate version

This method does not require special skills to tie a scarf. It is quite simple, but it looks interesting. You will need a classic kerchief, preferably large. Wrap one of the corners to the center of the bandana. Place it with a curved edge to the center of the forehead or closer to the eyebrows. Then straighten the free edge and tie the side ends over a simple knot over it. Let the long ends hang down on your nape. In some cases, baseball caps are worn on a bandana, making your look more interesting and bright. You can also add a striped vest in combination with shorts or denim sundress.

Bandana on the head: how to tie and wear

Fashionable turban

Inspired by oriental beauties, our fashionable women decided to try their fashionable attribute on themselves – a turban. In order to tie it, do everything as follows:

  • Take a piece of cloth with rectangular edges or a large bandanna fold it diagonally;
  • Put a bandanna in a triangle, attach it to the back of the head so that one of the corners is facing up (after it flips over to the forehead);
  • Tie the side ends in a simple or double knot at the forehead;
  • Throw a knot at the free edge of the bandana, hide the rest under it.

In the event that the side rails are too long, you can twist them at the forehead and tie a small knot at the back (on the back of the head). Hide it under the base of the triangle so that the outcome is less rough. Add decorations and a bandana will become more aesthetic. For example, pin a brooch on the front of the knot. This popular option will give your image of mystery and protect your head from the hot sun.

Bandana on the head: how to tie and wear

In the form of a pipe

A bandana in the form of a pipe, also called Buff, is a universal element of wardrobe. Such a modern headdress can turn into almost anything. If you wish, make a scarf, a bandage on the head, a light hat, a mask on the face and even an elastic band for hair from such bandanas. This multifunctional bandana is made of light fabric without any seams. Especially often it can be seen on active athletes because the bandana protects against dust or sweat on the face. Moreover, Buff tightly fits the head or neck, without causing discomfort. Bandana pipe is more suitable for sports, hiking- here it is an indispensable thing!

In the form of a bandage

Of the many universal options for wearing bandanas, this one fell in love with girls the most. A bandana in the form of a bandage will not let your hair fall on your face, which is very practical and beautiful. Those who want to try on this option themselves should form a triangle. It is advisable to take a medium-sized bandanna. Then wrap one vertex of the triangle to the center and fold the handkerchief in half. You should have a long rectangular strip. This method is good because folding bandanas do not spend a lot of time and effort. Next is to draw a bandage. Invented some interesting ways to tie a bandana:

  • Classic dressing

Wrap the folded fabric around the head and tie it on the back of the neck closer to the neck, hide the tips under the main part of the scarf. The result is many young ladies use as a rim.

  • “Rustic”

Attach a bandana with a wide part to the back of the head, and tie it near the hairline. Leave the tips on top sticking out. Add flirty look, tied a scarf on the side.

  • “Complicated”

In fact, in this embodiment, there is nothing difficult. You will need a wide or thin strip of the folded bandana. Tie it on the crown or at the forehead (where everything is limited by your imagination!) On a double knot. Next, hide the sticking tails under the bandana. Tip: do not tighten the second knot too much!

Bandana in the form of a bandage is combined with many styles of clothing. Especially good with hippies, heroin chic or retro. The most popular ones are bright color bandanas but do not forget to select them according to the palette of your image.

Other options for tying bandanas

Of course, there are those who want to go beyond the conventional. They also thought up not ordinary but at the same time excellent ways of carrying bandanas. Recently, it became popular to wear a bandana around his neck in combination with a classic suit. Best of all, if the suit is dark or neutral, and a scarf of a bright contrast color. Also allowed variations with modern colorful costumes. The shirt is most often casually released. This style was called “artist”.

Girls, especially in the summer, tie a bright bandana on the handle of a bag or backpack. In this case, it is better to leave long tails freely hanging down. Some ladies managed to put large beads on the ends of the scarf. This method is very extravagant and authentic.

You can use a bandana as a wristband or even a fancy bracelet. Take a small bandana fold into a strip and wind around your wrist or forearm. For madam who wants to give aesthetics, just put on some big beads or pin a brooch.

If you find a long shawl bandana made of lightweight fabric, then feel free to use it instead of a belt. Jeans go well with chiffon or cotton. This is a great way to give an image of raisin and mystery. You can also simply tie across the normal belt.

Bandana on the head: how to tie and wear

How to wear?

Bandana is a fashionable and stylish accessory that will make any look elegant and flirty. Of course, many who wear it as a headpiece, there is such a problem: a bandana does not hold up well or constantly falls off. To avoid this, pin a scarf invisible to the hair. Such a trick will fix it in place for a long time. It is not worth tightly tying a bandana (especially in the form of a bandage), because under pressure it will rise upwards around the rounded shape of the head.

Many people are interested in how to choose it by color or print. There are no clear rules. It all depends on your preferences. If you want to focus on the scarf, then give preference to bright color. Clothes pick up light or neutral colors. In the event that your bandana with a pattern, then choose monotonous clothing.

To wearing a bandana does not cause discomfort it is necessary to choose the right hairstyle. For the classic method will not fit volumetric. Best of all, a spikelet, two pigtails. Loose. While for the variant with the open crown fit any. The especially beautiful looks sloppy bunch.

Follow these simple tips and wearing a bandana will be easy and comfortable. Be bright and positive!

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