Amenorrhea: Causes , types and Treatment

What is amenorrhea? If you translate literally from Greek, then the disease means denial – “month” and “current”. More simply, it is the absence of menstruation in women. But this disease is called not just the absence of menstruation, but a long absence, which lasts more than six months, for those representatives of the beautiful half who are over sixteen years old, but under forty-five. This disease shows that some kind of failure has occurred in the female body. These disruptions include emotional strain, psychological state, and biochemical processes.

Types of amenorrhea

There are several types of amenorrhea :

False amenorrhea. This type can be attributed, for example, when the menstruation process proceeds normally, but, for one reason or another, the blood does not leave the body. This can be, for example, any congenital pathology, as well as deviations acquired during life. A rather vivid example of this is the overgrowing of the hymen or vagina. Here we are talking about acquired mechanical obstacles. Some abnormalities can only be diagnosed with an ultrasound scan, in any case, the word “mechanical” is defining here.

True amenorrhea is the absence of a monthly cycle in girls. There is a lack of the menstrual cycle but without visible hormonal signs and changes in the reproductive system. A woman’s ability to become pregnant is completely lost.

Physiological amenorrhea is called the absence of a cycle due to various age deviations. Deviations can occur both during the maturation of the body, and after it ends, the disease can manifest itself and end. Here we are not talking about the disease since it is completely normal. For example, some women lose their ability to menstrual cycle during breastfeeding. Or after pregnancy, while the body is recovering.

Pathological amenorrhea is the most serious type of amenorrhea. Here we are talking about a violation in the body. In this case, the reproductive possibility may be completely lost. Most often this happens in those girls who have never had a monthly cycle, that is, young or, on the contrary, women in middle age. Violations are both functional and organic.

Amenorrhea types 

Amenorrhea: Causes , types and TreatmentThere is primary and secondary amenorrhea:

Primary amenorrhea is a condition in which a woman has not had a single menstruation. Causes of primary amenorrhea: hypothalamic, pituitary, adrenal, ovarian and uterine. At the same time, puberty does not occur.

Secondary amenorrhea – with this manifestation of amenorrhea, you had menstruation, but irregular. Here, most likely, the reason will lie in infectious diseases. Also, the cause may be any genetic abnormalities, tumor-like diseases. If we look more deeply, the problem may also lie in the psychological state of the organism.

Amenorrhea causes

The main causes of primary amenorrhea. If you look at the statistics, it can say that the primary manifestation of amenorrhea is not common, but can serve as a reason for going to the doctor. At the same time, there are a lot of reasons for its manifestation, but they can be systematized according to the following criteria: anatomically determined, genetic (hereditary), and emotional-psychological.

If we consider the anatomical causes in more detail, then they are found, as a rule, in girls of thin build. If you pay attention to the delay of menstruation, here we can talk about the lag of the development of the organism, which is indicated by thinness. If there are obvious feminine signs (well-built figure), then here we can talk about anatomical anomalies. Deviations are detected with the help of a medical examination and ultrasound. There may be a problem with the hymen.

f we consider the manifestations of amenorrhea as a violation associated with the psychological state, then this can also be attributed to excessive physical exertion on the body, and anorexia. At the same time tips can be reduced to quite simple: do not get carried away with diets and sports. The body does not like being bullied.

It is worth remembering that if your body is young enough, then you should not give it too heavy loads. Girls are not recommended to engage in lifting the bar. As for nutrition, here you should know the rate of vitamins that your body should receive. If you need a diet, then just go to the doctor, and he will pick you all individually.

The main causes of secondary amenorrhea

As mentioned above about secondary amenorrhea, this absence of the menstrual cycle is more than six months, but for those women who have it.

Statistics may say the following: ten percent of women between the ages of seventeen and forty-seven suffer from a similar disease. Namely: they had menstruation once, and then stopped. The manifestation of amenorrhea, in this case, is more complicated.

Doctors at Euromedprestige have identified the following reasons for which this type of amenorrhea can manifest itself:

  • quick and sharp weight loss (thirty-eight percent of all cases);
  • polycystic ovary (twenty-two percent);
  • Premature menopause (twenty-two percent);
  • hyperprolactinemia (eleven percent)

The clinical picture of amenorrhea

If we are talking about an abnormal development – such as overgrowth, or atresia, of the vagina – then a certain flow system can be identified in the disease. The first is the manifestation of distinct pain, usually in the lower abdomen. A more severe course may occur, with it, blood that is not excreted in the usual way will go up and enter the intestine. The pain may be in this case already in the lumbar region.

Blood may also be released from extragenital organs. In this case, the pain in the lumbar region will have a pulling character.

Amenorrhea treatment folk remedies

Amenorrhea Causes , types and TreatmentSeveral years ago, one of the readers told her story. She stopped her periods, she did a pregnancy test, and he was positive. She did not want to end the pregnancy. After a while, she felt sharp cutting pains in the lower abdomen and immediately went to the doctor. The diagnosis was disappointing, ectopic pregnancy, and even the pipe broke. The girl was immediately hospitalized, the situation was serious, as the doctors said afterward, she miraculously survived, but the menstrual cycle has since been broken, or rather the menstrual periods did not come.

For the whole year, nothing has changed. As a result, the doctor identified amenorrhea, that is when menstruation does not go. This certainly upset the woman, because at that time she was only 32 years old and she had no children, but she really wanted to. Moreover, there was hope for one intact fallopian tube. The doctor, seeing the depressed state of the woman, hinted that it would be good to drink a decoction of thyme and chamomile for a month. For one month, the woman drank such a decoction, and after thirty days her period began. The composition of the decoction is: dry thyme and dried chamomile flowers to take a tablespoon. Add to them half a liter of boiling water and leave for half an hour. To accept in the morning and in the evening on one glass.

Herbal Amenorrhea Treatment

Usually, with the diagnosis of amenorrhea (absence of menstruation), traditional medicine offers hormone therapy, but there is another way to treat this ailment.

The first treatment option. Take the root of the cuff ordinary and chop, type the resulting two tablespoons and add to them a liter of boiling water. Leave for two hours, then boil for twenty minutes and skip through cheesecloth or strainer. Type a bath temperature of thirty-six – thirty-seven degrees, and add to the composition. Take overnight. And so do for two weeks. If necessary, wait a week, and then again two weeks.

The second composition. Add three tablespoons of parsley leaves to three cups of hot water. Leave overnight, and in the morning pass through a strainer or gauze. Then take the solution four times a day for half a glass half an hour before meals. The duration of treatment is three weeks, then a week of rest, after which a repetition is repeated.

Amenorrhea treatment with onion peel

Amenorrhea TreatmentA good way to get rid of amenorrhea, so to speak, is already proven more than once. An agent is made from onion peel, from which it is necessary to make a decoction in a Russian furnace. He was advised by Wang, the same healer from Bulgaria. It is necessary to remove from two kilograms of onion peel and boil in three liters of water to such an extent until it turns red. The receiving means to accept since morning and in the evening on one small coffee cup.

Herbal Amenorrhea Treatment

Amenorrhea TreatmentRecipe 1. We need to take a teaspoon of shepherd’s purse grass for about two years, four teaspoons of highlander grass, a teaspoon of Amur velvet roots, a teaspoon of bare licorice roots, one and a half teaspoons of two- nettle roots and four glasses of water. All herbs are pre-dried and chopped, put into a pot and add boiling water. Then put in a water bath – and let it boil before one-third of the composition boils away.

Then set the composition aside for thirty minutes, covered with a lid and wrapped with a cloth. After half an hour, pass through a strainer or gauze. Drink at least three times a day. It is better to determine the dose with the doctor.

Recipe 2. Pour two liters of water forest mallow root and eight tablespoons of chopped onion. Bring to a boil and hold for twenty-five minutes, after which report five grams of powder of dry sal ammoniac and ten grams of cloves. Hold on fire for another five minutes. Pass through a strainer or gauze. Take three days before waiting for the start of the monthly fifty grams.

Source: Newspaper healthy lifestyle, all-Ukrainian newspaper healer “Grandmother”

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