8 Ways to Make Curly Hair at Home

How to Make Curly Hair? Have you ever paid attention to the fact that all the heroines of romance novels have luxurious long curls that fall on your chest or shimmering over your shoulders with a sparkling waterfall? Probably, in these stereotyped images, the subconscious vision of men as the ideal companions of life is laid.

Therefore, every woman dreams of luxurious hair. Brilliant elastic curls, flowing down beautiful waves, are driving not one man crazy, forcing his heart to beat faster. It is because of this modern representative of the beautiful half of mankind spare neither time nor finance to achieve the desired result. In the course are all kinds of means and ways to create an ideal hairstyle. Going to a salon or a hairdressing salon is a rather difficult task in terms of having free time. In addition – not everyone can afford to lay out a fairly round sum daily for hair styling.

How can you achieve savings in your personal budget, but at the same time save your personal time? The only way out is to learn how to transform your appearance at home. Especially since the arsenal of modern tools and devices allow you to apply a curl using various methods. So, how can you make curls at home?


This device is available in almost every home, as it is known to our women since Soviet times. Current models, in contrast to the old, have many functions that allow you to create curls, curls, and curls of varying sizes. The main advantage of the curling iron is the opportunity to build a beautiful hairstyle in just 10 – 15 minutes, which is very tempting for women who are busy with time.

Application of a curling rod

  1. Plug in the appliance and wait a few minutes before it is fully warmed up;
  2. Carefully comb the hair, then fasten the upper part to the crown with a crab-clip;
  3. Hair from the bottom is divided into thin strands – about 2 cm;
  4. Seize the edge of the curl with the blades of the curl and tighten the hair tightly towards the roots, at the same time
  5. keep the plaque for no more than 20 seconds;
  6. After winding the strands in the lower part, proceed to the upper locks;
  7. Ready hair to sprinkle with varnish, not combing


Depending on how much free time you have, you can use ordinary or thermalbikes. Ordinary is now made of foam rubber, latex, plastic, polyurethane, wood or metal and has a different method of attachment, as well as different sizes.

They wind up necessarily on cleanly washed hair, otherwise, the effect of curls will be short. The longer you wear them, the longer your curls will hold. Most often soft curlers wind on the night, in order to get a beautiful hairstyle in the morning.

Termobigudi guarantees the ready packing immediately after their cooling, so they are optimal for use in the morning.

Application of curlers:

  1. Comb the hair, divide into strands of medium size;
  2. Choose the desired curler size;
  3. Screw the hair, starting from the tip of each curl;
  4. Cooled thermal bags carefully remove after about 20 – 30 minutes, the usual need to keep at least 2 hours;
  5. Sprinkle your hair with lacquer.


This device can be called the original modification of the old curling iron, as it also works from the net and helps create a magnificent hairdo.

Initially, the iron was invented to straighten disobedient strands, now its use provides many functions for a wave of hair. Each model of the device is offered with a set of different attachments, allowing to form large or voluminous wavy strands.

Application ironing:

  1. Wet clean hair drizzle with a heat-protective spray and comb;
  2. Create strands;
  3. With the iron, hold the lock at the roots of the hair and wrap the strand around it;
  4. Smoothly, without loosening the blades of the apparatus, drag it down the curl;
  5. Finish the haircut with varnish.


They can be considered the progenitors of modern hair curlers, as in the old days the pilot was the most famous and effective way of shaping the hairstyle. As a matter of fact, it is a small strip of paper or cloth, rolled up by a rope, on which the hair was wound. The thinner the strand was made, the more magnificent the hairdo was.

By the way – if you put a little effort, then curls, curled with the help of papillote, are more resilient and stable in comparison with those that are formed by curling or curlers. The peculiarity of the use of papillote is that the material for their products without special problems can be found in any home. In addition – differing in simplicity and convenience, they do not create a harmful effect on the hair, and ready-made curls look very organically and effectively.

Application of Papillosis:

The washed hair is combed and treated with a styling agent;
Divide the hair into several levels, the upper ones – with a hair clip;
Form strands in the lower part of the head;
Tightly wrap the hair around the hair, starting from the bottom of the curl;
Fix the wound strand at the correct height, tie the edges of the hairpin;
Leave for a few hours, or better – at night;
You need to take off your hair slowly, neatly unwinding in the opposite direction;
Sprinkle with varnish, while the hair cannot be combed – in this case, the hair will look more impressive.


This method of creating a hairstyle is possible in those cases if you have long hair. To get cute curls, do not look for hair curlers, heat curling iron or ironing, or look for material for the papillote. In this case, only the hair is involved. Depending on how much you want to get curly ringlets, you can twist from 2 to 20 flagella.


  1. Shampooed hair slightly dry;
  2. Apply a special gel for styling or other means;
  3. Form a strand of the desired thickness and spin into a dense flagellum;
  4. Secure the harness with a hairpin or a large invisibility;
  5. Wait until hair is completely dry, gently untwist;
  6. Curls of hair carefully disassemble with hands, treat with varnish, without combing.


Having a normal hair dryer at home, special means for shaping curls, you can achieve excellent results in the construction of a beautiful hairstyle with curls. Using the device in pair with a special round comb – brushing, you will create incredible effects – and elegant curls, and carelessly disheveled ringlets. When choosing a comb, special attention should be given to the density of the denticles and the quality of the materials used in the production – they should optimally correspond to the density of the hair.

Application of a hair dryer:

  • It’s good to wash your hair;
  • Divide into strands, each of which is treated with a styling agent;
  • Screw the strand on the comb and quickly dry it with a hairdryer;
  • Repeat the procedure with each individual strand.

Sports Gum

This method is considered to be one of the safest for the hair, along with the hairpins. To build an original hairstyle with a smooth curl line, you need a sports gum or braid for Greek hairstyles.


  1. Pure hair dry with a hairdryer and treat with foam or mousse for styling;
  2. On the head put on an elastic band or braid;
  3. Divided into strands of curls, wind on the elastic, starting from the front of the head;
  4. After reaching the nape, go to the other side and similarly wind hair;
  5. Leave for 2 -3 hours, or better – at night, then gently remove the elastic band;
  6. Spread your hair with locks and, if necessary, fix it with varnish.


With the help of ordinary plaits, you can achieve a truly stunning external effect. The main advantages of its use include simplicity, safety for hair, as well as financial accessibility. The lushness and curl of the curls depend on the thickness of the finished pigtail – the thinner it is, the more gorgeous the hair will look.


  1. Wash the head with shampoo, apply the styling agent;
  2. Lightly dry hair with a hairdryer;
  3. Evenly divide the hair into strands and braid braids, fixing them with small elastic bands;
  4. Wait for 12 – 14 hours and unwrap, then start creating a hairstyle.

Rules for Make Curly Hair at home

As you can see, there are a lot of technologies for creating chic locks or pretty curlers. The main thing is to choose the most optimal way for you; it is quite possible to use several methods simultaneously. Applying them, do not forget about the most important rules to create an ideal styling.

  1. Any way of winding gives the best effect only on cleanly washed hair. Therefore, do not be lazy, but better try to
  2. wash your hair before each procedure.
  3. Drying hair with a hairdryer is carried out in a direction from top to bottom from the roots. The recommended temperature should be at the average level.
    If you prefer to style your hair with a hairdryer, curling iron or ironing – be sure to first apply a layer of thermal protection to your hair.
  4. Curls will have a shiny surface if after washing your head, rinse your hair with cold water or treat it with an ice cube.
  5. Do not forget about the various nutrients – life-giving lotions and oils, therapeutic balms, herbal decoctions and healing masks should be used regularly.

A hairstyle for any woman is the key to her success. Creating beautiful curls at home is actually a bit easier and easier than it seems. Following our advice, you can achieve excellence and compete with the beauties of women’s magazines, because a hairstyle for any woman is the key to her success.

And if you suddenly want to make curls with the help of a mixer, then see what this all may end

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