3d Mascara: how to use, pros and cons, reviews

3D mascara is a cosmetic novelty that gives an impressive effect. But at what cost? How to use fibers for eyelashes, what are their advantages and disadvantages, what feedback do they have about them?

Every year the beauty industry launches new products and inventions of all kinds. A few years ago, the so-called 3D mascara debuted, or, as it is also called, mascara with fibers. Despite the fact that these cosmetics have already existed for some time, only recently the world began to go crazy over them. What is a 3d mascara and deserves such a loud fame?

3d Mascara: how to use, pros and cons, reviews

Is 3D mascara an alternative to scaling?

The so-called 3D effect of the new-fashioned mascara is due to the tiny fibers in its composition. They increase volume and lengthen eyelashes. Their buildup today is a very popular procedure, which more and more women resort to. But the effect of it lasts about a month, and then the hairs stop looking good, and you need to do something with them again. 3d mascara is exactly what the eyelash extension theoretically can replace with the 1: 1 method.

There are many different types and brands (Eveline, Revlon, Younique, Bourjois, Golden rose, Missha) of this cosmetic product that can successfully compete with the procedure of extension. They can be produced in the form of mascara or powder in a separate container.

How to use 3D mascara? The action algorithm is simple:

  1. First, paint the eyelashes with ordinary mascara.
  2. Then we put the extension fibers.
  3. We cover with another layer of mascara.

Effect – elongated, more voluminous and “bold” eyelashes. The difference between the 3D mascara and the usual is enormous. Eyelashes painted with such a tool do not look artificial, although the natural effect cannot be called either.

3d Mascara: how to use, pros and cons, reviews

3D mascara: reviews

Reviews of 3d mascara with fibers indicate that this is a rather controversial product in the world of makeup. Some women adore her, others hate her as much. It can be assumed that at least part of this dislike is associated with the company Younique, which is very actively promoting its product in the world wide web.

Social networks are full of sayings of women who extol the possibilities of this medium to heaven. Opponents pay public attention not only to too aggressive, expansive marketing but also to the side effects of the carcass 3d from Younique.

Reviews about it are the most impartial. Photos of the eyes of women with signs of infection caused by fibers are walking around the world wide web. Despite the negative feedback about their offspring, all manufacturers claim that their product is completely safe and should not cause any health problems. Moreover, they assert that 3D mascara with villi is safer than artificial eyelashes fixed on glue, which, in their opinion, is harmful to a much greater extent.

3D mascara: advantages of the use

  • The fibers really work: the eyelashes noticeably thicken and stretch out in length. This alone is enough for many.
  • A fascinating and obvious difference without additional manipulations – gluing of false eyelashes and their extension.

Fiber Mascara: Cons of Use

  • Despite the fact that the mascara is not false eyelashes, the effect is still not entirely natural.
  • Just knowing how to apply mascara with fibers is not enough: its use requires some skills. Without such, you can get lumps and the effect is not three-dimensional, and the so-called spider legs.
  • With villus mascara, it is extremely easy to overdo it and make the lashes look just awful.
  • Paint peels off during the day.
  • Part of the fiber falls on the face and can get into the eyes. This is both unaesthetic and unpleasant – at a minimum (see the next paragraph).
  • Risk of infection or eye irritation.

Used cautiously and in moderation, 3d mascara with fibers can help create a truly impressive – positive – effect, as indicated by numerous reviews. However, this is associated with some risks. Is the appearance of eyelashes such victims – you decide.

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